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A thousand thanks for the incredibly useful critique of my novel. I’ve taken all of your suggestions to heart, and am revising and writing like mad. You must have injected a magic ingredient into the works, because a member of my critique group said the characters had deepened and the story is even more interesting.

—Beth Franks, author of Hattie Claybourne


Angie serves as both muse and artist, and injects creative and calming energy into any project. I highly recommend her as a collaborative partner.

—Patricia Knight, Director of Marketing & PR, Savannah Children's Museum


What I most appreciate about Angie is her optimism and support. She has been like a college professor giving me valuable lessons in picture book creation. I appreciate her honesty and the writing exercises she prescribed to find my voice. It's been an incredible journey with Angie as my story midwife! —Allison Fragakis, Author


Along with Angie's talent, we love the kindness and generosity of spirit she brings with her. —Kathryn Petrocelli, Conference Coordinator, Book Passage

Andrea "Angie" Alban spent her childhood reading the piles of books her mother brought home from the public library. When she was six, she self-published a poetry book—a parchment scroll tied with red ribbon. She attended UC Berkeley and SFSU, graduating with honors with a B.A. in Creative Writing. Angie is the author of nine books, including THE HAPPINESS TREE (which was adapted for stage and is touring children’s discovery museums in the exhibit Out on a Limb). Her critically-acclaimed YA novel, ANYA'S WAR, was inspired by her Jewish father’s childhood in war-torn Shanghai—a little-known passage in Holocaust history. 

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