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Walk in peace

My mind has a curious way of sniffing out, first, the conflict-based thoughts hiding in its nooks and crannies, then pulling up a comfortable chair and dwelling in worry for as long as I will allow. When I notice this happening, I try to re-direct my thoughts to peaceful ones. But some days positivity doesn’t stand a chance against negativity and my mind is back in the corner rooting out chaos.

Why does conflict have such a strong pull on my attentions? It is as though I have fallen into a deep rut and only with lack of use will I forget the way there.

I have identified five basic areas that rob me of peace:

Jumping to a conclusion before finding out the facts.

Thinking I know the right answer.

Being too attached to an outcome.

Complaining (silently or aloud) about my dislikes.

Resisting something new because I am more comfortable with what’s familiar.

Today I re-direct my thoughts and search for peace of mind. I notice where my mind goes and patiently bring it to a place of serenity. I know myself well and I know my inner obstacles. From this knowledge, I find a new way to walk in peace.

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