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Blessings for the children

In my book, Welcoming Ways, I suggest an activity for making a children’s blessing necklace to welcome our babies (and older children too) into the world. This touching ritual is perfect for any get together where the host wants to set an intention of good will and hope.

In advance, choose an array of colorful beads with holes large enough for waxed string to pass easily through (available at crafts stores). Put the beads in a special box and have your guests choose one when they arrive. Sit in a circle. Each person makes a wish for the children of the world or one particular child, then places a bead on the string. Pass a sheet of paper around for each person to record their wish. When all the beads are strung, tie a knot to make a necklace.

Give the necklace to the youngest child in the room for hanging in their nursery or bedroom.

This Mother's Day blessing is one I “strung together” from good wishes chanted by baby-lovers who’ve attended my various Baby Welcome Ceremonies:

I wish for an abundance of love and the blessings of wisdom.

I wish children will live without fear, without pain, and without loneliness—to have a childhood!

I wish all of the world's children will grow up with imagination.

I wish for children to have access to music and knowledge.

I wish for self-love and empowerment, peace of mind, laughter, friendship, lack of inhibition, craft, adventure, empathy, love of family, and health.

I wish for contentment for all children.

I wish for courage to face their full selves. I wish courage for the rest of their lives.

I wish the babies of the world strength and confidence.

I wish for inner peace for all of you.

I wish you a life of full self-expression.

Be true to yourself—always.

May the road go with you.

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