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Writer's Tribe™ Tool Kit

Define yourself as an author, no matter where you are in the publishing process. Stand like a tree trunk in that belief from the beginning of your career. Declare your essence. Remember what your mission is as a writer, and affirm daily why you write.

Define yourself:

1) Writer: n. person who writes; author. Syn: wordsmith

To write: mark paper or some other surface by means of a pen, pencil, etc. with symbols, letters or words. Syn. to create

2) Author: n. writer, esp. of books. Syn. man or woman of letters, creator

3) Creative: adj. inventive, imaginative, the active exploratory minds possessed by artists and writers.

Imaginative implies having an active and creative imagination. Do you visualize people, objects and places differently than the way they appear in the real world?

4) Imagist: n. clarity of expression through the use of precise visual images.

The Imagist movement included English and American poets in the early twentieth century. The first tenet of the Imagist Manifesto written by Ezra Pound was, "To use the language of common speech, but to employ always the exact word, not the nearly-exact, nor the merely decorative word. To use absolutely no word that does not contribute to the presentation.”

As an imaginative writer, author, and creator of children’s books, you are an imagist.

The Writing Bag

Stock a favorite canvas bag with the following items. Place it where you can grab it and go with you to your favorite writing spot. (I am known as a cafe-hopper, thanks to my writing bag.)

* Books:

Take Joy by Jane Yolen

Children’s Books and their Creators: An invitation to the feast of 20th century literature. Edited by Anita Silvey

Reading Like A Writer: A Guide for People Who Love Books and For Those Who Want To Write Them by Francine Prose “… quality reading informs great writing” —PW

The New York Times Easy Cross Words. A book of cross word puzzles to massage other muscles in your brain when you need a writing break.

* Notebooks:

A hardcover notebook with a magnetized hinge in which you can write thoughts, ideas, snippets of dialogue. No one sees inside but you. It’s where you freewrite, whine, and pray.

A set of soft-cover, spiral bound notebooks for practicing, shaping and stretching your ideas and prose

*Odds and Ends

Business cards (Assert your authorship. Design and print your business cards at

Mirado Black Warrior cedar pencils

Red fine tip pen



Post-it notes

Organic Energy Bar (imaginative rendition of a superhero energy bar by Lily Gosline ©2014)

Trident Tropical Twist sugarless gum

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